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Spotted cleaner shrimp
(Periclimenes yucatanicus)
Scientific classification

Template:Taxobox infraordo entry Dana, 1852

Superfamilies and families
Superfamily Alpheoidea
Family Alpheidae - snapping shrimps
Family Barbouriidae
Family Hippolytidae
Family Ogyrididae
Superfamily Atyoidea
Family Atyidae
Superfamily Bresilioidea
Family Agostocarididae
Family Alvinocarididae
Family Bresiliidae
Family Disciadidae
Family Mirocarididae
Superfamily Campylonotoidea
Family Bathypalaemonellidae
Family Campylonotoidae
Superfamily Crangonoidea
Family Crangonoidea
Family Glyphocrangonoidea
Superfamily Galatheacaridoidea
Family Galatheacarididae
Superfamily Nematocarcinoidea
Family Eugonatonotidae
Family Nematocarcinidae
Family Rhynchocinetidae
Family Xiphocarididae
Subfamily Oplophoroidea
Family Oplophoridae
Subfamily Palaemonoidea
Family Anchistioididae
Family Desmocarididae
Family Euryrhynchidae
Family Gnathophyllidae
Family Hymenoceridae
Family Kakaducarididae
Family Palaemonidae
Family Typhlocarididae
Subfamily Pandaloidea
Family Pandalidae
Family Thalassocarididae
Subfamily Pasiphaeoidea
Family Pasiphaeidae
Subfamily Physetocaridoidea
Family Physetocarididae
Subfamily Procaridoidea
Family Procarididae
Subfamily Processoidea
Family Processidae
Subfamily Psalidopodoidea
Family Psalidopodidae
Subfamily Stylodactyloidea
Family Stylodactylidae

True shrimp are small, swimming, decapod crustaceans classified in the infraorder Caridea, found widely around the world in both fresh and salt water.


A number of more or less unrelated crustaceans also have the word "shrimp" in their common name. Examples are the mantis shrimp and the opposum or mysid shrimp, both of which belong to the same class (Malacostraca) as the true shrimp, but constitute two different orders within it, the Stomatopoda and the Mysidacea. Triops longicaudatus or Triops cancriformis are also popular animals in freshwater aquaria, and are often called shrimp, although they belong instead to the Notostraca, a quite unrelated group.

Shrimp are distinguished from the superficially similar prawns by the structure of the gills, and by the fact that female shrimp (as in all other pleocyemates) brood the eggs on their pleopods. There is, however, much confusion between the two, especially among non-specialists, and many shrimp are called "prawns" and many prawns are called "shrimp". This is particularly widespread in culinary contexts, including the following sections.

Shrimps in aquaria

Japanese marsh shrimp Caridina japonica
Japanese marsh shrimp Caridina japonica
Several types of shrimp are kept in home aquaria and are useful in controlling algae and removing debris. Freshwater shrimp available for aquaria include the Japanese marsh shrimp (Caridina japonica) and ghost or glass shrimps (Palaeomonetes sp.) Popular saltwater shrimp include the cleaner shrimp Lysmata amboinensis, the Fire shrimp (Lysmata debelius) and the Harlequin shrimp (Hymenocera picta).

Shrimp fishery and farming

See Shrimp fishery, which covers both shrimp and prawns, for es:Camarón fr:Crevette nl:Garnaal ja:エビ pt:Camarão sv:Räkor zh:虾


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